8 Women Farmers You Need to Meet

From the classroom to the farm to the boardroom, women in agriculture are helping to pave the way for a better, richer and well-fed future. 

Today, there are several women farmers around the world; we are privileged to work with some of them in our farm projects. These women remain a force of positive change, even against difficult circumstances and scarce resources. They prove just how powerful and resilient women are.

We are privileged to share the stories of 7 of them with you. Their stories delight and inspire us, and we hope you have the same experience.


  • The Harvester (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Beatrice Minyabahara is one of 34 members in a savings program.

 Twenty-five of the members are widows who are financially vulnerable, but together they have purchased three goats and seeds for a community garden.


  • The Survivor (Kenya)

Tryphosa Aloo is a widow who supports her six children.

Through savings and lending programming, she is now a successful businesswoman who operates her farm and a fishing boat to sell goods to local markets.


  • The Boss (Vietnam)

Nguyen Thi Nguyen is the community leader of a group of men and women farmers in Vietnam. 

She leads the farmers by boat to care for young mangroves.


  • The Pioneer (Tanzania)

Edina Mahulisya works in the field where she grows onions, beans, Chinese cabbage and corn for her children and differently-abled husband. 

Here, Edina is shown carrying her 5-month-old, Theopista, as she works in the field.



  • The Wonder Woman (Burkina Faso)

Through her participation in a savings and lending program, Fati Sawadogo acquired more farmland and a generator to pump water to her crops.

Before joining the program, she saw little profit and was not using the potential of the land.

 Now, she is earning enough income to support her four children.




  • The Role Model (Jerusalem)

Intisar Mohammed Hassan Attallah and her grandson, Aiz Al-ba are tending to the 2.5-acre farm where Intisar grows grapes and some vegetables.


  • The Conservationist (India)

Sudama Devi volunteered one of her plots of land to test new varieties of rice, lentils, and wheat.

Everyone else in her village was worried about the risk of trying new seeds and methods in an area that floods, but she took the chance and her new crops can survive flooded conditions.


  •  The Winich SuperWomen Farmers (Nigeria and diaspora)

All our female small-holder farmers and female investors are superwomen. They are breaking frontiers for women’s inclusion in digital agriculture in particular, and agriculture as a whole. 


These are true Queens, we stan! However, we know there are many more like them.

Do you know one or two? Share their stories with us in the comments section.





Credits: Catholic Relief Services


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