Why Millennials’ Involvement in Agriculture in Nigeria Has Become Important

Nigeria currently faces multiple problems of food scarcity, high population growth rate, global warming, oil price fall, etc.


Needless to say, agriculture is no doubt a huge socio-economic pillar contributing immensely to the country’s development agenda.


Hence, for a country with a 60% population of youths, fostering the active participation of youths, especially millennials, is imperative.


Millennials are a group of youth born roughly between 1980 and 2000.


42.54% of Nigeria’s population is between the ages of 0-14. This means that Nigeria is densely populated with millennials.


Research findings project that millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce in 2025.


Nigeria’s agriculture industry requires a large portion of this, to help overcome both present and impending agro-related challenges.


Here is why:

Possibilities and Potentials

Raised with digital systems and social media, millennials are more open to possibilities and improved tools than the older farming generation.

A great potential of agricultural innovations and solutions lies within the cohort of millennials.


There Is an Increased Demand for New Food Commodities


Every year, thousands of people, including youths, move into cities. Culture and social migration also occur leading to new lifestyle practices.


If millennials seeking more urban opportunities get involved in agriculture, we can overcome numerous challenges regarding getting farm produce from the field to consumers.


We can grow food near cities and also leverage on innovative channels of distribution.


Digital is an Enabler


Technology facilitates every aspect of agriculture. However, its skill is lost to the older farming generation.


By involving in agriculture, millennials in Nigeria can become collaborators to integrate technology into all spheres of agriculture in the nation.


Access to Multi-channel Market


Armed with e-commerce and virtual trading opportunities, millennials can help to facilitate Nigeria’s trading and investment and increase ROI.


We encourage the involvement of millennials not to displace the older farming generation but rather to raise a tribe of collaborators for them.


Do you agree that we need more millennials to get involved in agriculture in Nigeria? In your own way, how are you participating?

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